Arabic Calligraphy

Islamic calligraphy is the art of beautiful writing using the Arabic script. This art is the most revered of all Islamic arts, since it is through writing, that the Quran is transmitted and preserved.
Aisha uses the Kufic script in her work. It was the first form of Arabic calligraphy in the 7th century, however, since then there have been many variations of Arabic calligraphy that have developed from the Kufic script.

Aisha is influenced by and drawn to Western artists. Her work is regarded as a hybrid, bridging the two cultures of East and West, just as the “seen” invites the less understood “unseen” to be experienced by the viewer. By using Arabic calligraphy in her work, the hidden purpose becomes clear when the viewer develops a state of contemplation while trying to make sense of this beautiful, stylized and angular form of text.