Art & Spirituality

Art and spirituality have had a strong bond throughout human existence. Art inspired by spiritual concepts has addressed humanity’s most profound needs and life’s greatest mysteries. Works of art can help artists and viewers to achieve transcendence, which is an awareness of forces beyond the visible material world. Artists and viewers tend to look at art for contemplative, emotional and revelatory experiences that are similar to those provided by religion.

Aisha’s work is of a very spiritual and abstract form. She says: ’God, who I also refer to as the ‘Sublime’ is abstract, He cannot be seen, He cannot be heard or even be touched, and yet through this form of abstraction His presence was felt by me and so many others, during my pilgrimage to Makkah.

This form of ‘abstraction’ was so vast, so powerful and sublime, that spiritually I felt moved and overwhelmed”.

Her paintings take the viewer’s mind into another world beyond the canvas.. Whether it’s the title of her painting, the Arabic script or the very source of her inspiration, her paintings provide the viewer with a catalyst for their own contemplation. It was after this journey to Makkah that Aisha’s work followed the path of Abstract Art, continuing the theme of the Creation of the Universe and its Creator.